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What our clients have said..

"I didn't think property finders existed. It's great to know there's someone on your side from start to finish."
Steve S.

"I was getting nowhere with my search so it makes perfect sense to pass this on to a property finder who knows what they are doing. Thanks a million."
Alexis N.

"I had been looking for a buy to let property for months but found it so difficult with all my work commitments. If I hadn't called in a property search agent I think I would still be looking now."
Edward C.

"I was delighted with the property you found me. You saved me much more than your fee in the price reduction you achieved. I'll certainly be recommending your property finding services."
Alex K.

"Thanks for all you've done. You made finding a new home seem so easy and brought things to my attention that I hadn't considered."
James B.

"I really didn't know which area would be best to buy in. Thanks to the help and sound advice you've given me over the last few months I now feel really settled in my new home. I would recommend you as a buyer’s agent to anyone thinking of buying."
Manjit C

"To find a property in London is a difficult process. Without your invaluable service it would have been far more difficult to look beyond the estate agent hype to find the flat I wanted to buy."
Tim S.

"fast, efficient and I received constant updates which is important to me.....very professional."
Michelle H.

"Having experienced buying a house before we know how time consuming and stressful it can be....well worth the money in our opinion, thank you so much"
Paul & Anna H.

"....a friendly and efficient service that suited our needs perfectly. We are so relieved, we were ready to give up on the whole idea of moving."
Michael & Carla D.

“As property finders go, I found you to be the most approachable and understanding….”
Sarah W.

“We wanted a home search agent with a no nonsense approach, which is what we got…thanks”
Adam T.

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Capital Property Finders

What do we do?

As Property Finders, we are here to represent the buyer or tenant.
We find residential and commercial property for clients to buy or rent. We then see the whole process of buying or renting through from start to finish. We offer a personal and professional service to a broad range of clients from first time buyers to corporate investors.

Our expertise and experience in the London property market ensures that our clients get the best opportunity to save time and money.

How will you benefit from using a Property Finder?

We know how difficult and time consuming it is to find a property and Property Finders have emerged for this very reason. Buying a property is a huge financial decision and is often the biggest decision a buyer will make in their lifetime. Such a decision needs to be made with thorough research and expert advice as getting it wrong can be very costly.

A Property Finder...

- can help you find the right property by considering things you may overlook, such as local transport, schools, shops, parking, noisy neighbours etc.

- will perform a wide search. When you consider all the estate agents, private sales and property web sites you need to keep on top of, most buyers don't have the time to devote to this.

- can negotiate a better price for you. Most vendors and estate agents respond more favourably when they know they are dealing with a professional.

- can pinpoint potential problems with a property and offer you recommended tradesmen where necessary.

will take the stress and strain out of the whole buying and renting process and free up some of your valuable spare time.

- can report to you in an objective way as they are emotionally detached from the purchase.

...and why choose Capital Property Finders?

- We offer our clients the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

- We have had many years experience with all parties involved in buying and renting properties.

- We deal with a limited number of searches at any one time to ensure that you get our full attention and that the quality of service you receive from us is second to none.

- Our communication skills and knowledge of the London market allows us to fulfill your brief by finding the right property, in the right area, for the best possible price.

- We have a wide network of contacts which allows us to find properties before they reach the open market.

- Our strength in negotiation means that you'll get the best opportunity to save money. In the vast majority of cases we have been able to save our clients much more money than our fee has been.

- We have a proven history of successful finds and we are more than happy to pass on references from previous clients who would testify to this.

- When a client wishes to remain anonymous, all dealings with you will be treated in strictest confidence.

Why Are We Different

- We offer a straightforward and practical approach to finding property and have been very successful in what we do by listening to our clients rather than preaching to them.

- There are no conflicts of interest, as we are not linked to any estate agent, which means that you will be getting the best advice.

- We will not pressure you into buying or renting a property.  Nor will we give up on you.  We know that the satisfaction of our clients will secure our long-term future development.

Frequently asked questions about Property Finders:

  • What is the housing market like and how are property finders dealing with this?
  • I can probably find a property myself so why use a property finder?
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  • Are you the same as estate agents?
  • How long will it take to source the right place for me?
  • Apart from sourcing a property, what else can I expect from a property finder?
  • How do I choose a property finder in London?
  • Are all property finders the same?
  • Are property finders worth their fees?
  • What happens if my appointed property finder is unsuccessful?
  • How will a property finder really know what I am looking for if I’m not sure myself?

For the answers to these questions and more, either read on or call Capital Property Finders


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